Unwanted Trip Into Memories

Riding home today,

Riding by our special spot,

The special place you asked me out.

So I take a long trip,

A trip into memories,

The memories I treasure,

And the memories I wish would leave.

These memories I was glad to live through,

But to know that it's all over,

I want them to leave for good.

These memories make me smile,

Yet whenever I think of them,

Tears drip from my eyes.

I drive by the traffic light,

Where we shared that kiss,

Not exactly our very first kiss,

But the first kiss as a couple.

I drive down the street a little more,

I remember driving down this street,

With you inside your car,

As you would hold my hand,

And we were listing to a rock band.

Then we move onto the highway,

I remember entering it with you,

You had to let go of my hand,

But only for a second or two,

And then you held my hand again.

Then I drive by the mall,

And I remember what I was thinking,

That night in your car.

I remember looking at the lights,

And thinking they looked strange,

And thinking about the circular street,

Going around the mall parking lot.

I drive up to the traffic light,

And remember when we almost crashed,

Because the lights confused you,

But we were alright,

And I lived to tell the day,

Of how you broke my heart.

So these memories I took a trip into,

Wasn't what I wanted,

I wanted them when it came true,

But now our love is dead and gone,

And all I have is memories,

That I wish to bury.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wuz w/ my friend kim comin bac from a hockey game,n we went the home the same way home az me n my ex did when he asked me out....

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