What's Everyone's Problem?

Do you people have a problem with me?

Giving me dirty looks in the hall,

Starting rumors once a week,

Talking to me like I have no feelings,

Blaming me for all your problems,

Not giving me a break,

Accusing me of destroying your life,

Making your friend's life a living Hell,

Because it's all because of me,

What is your problem?

Everyone passing me by,

Not to share a greeting,

Just a simple hi,

But keep on walking,

Pretending I don't exist,

Like that would make life easier,

If I don't enter it,

Everyone taking their anger out on me,

Saying that I bring them down,

No longer wishing to talk to me,

No one taking my side,

Everyone against me,

Blaming me for everything,

Even though I didn't do anything,

Forced to live in isolation,

So I will no longer be accused,

Then people will soon realize,

It's because of them they lose,

And they will realize I make them happy,

Realize I'm the joy in their life,

So then they can all kill themselves,

As I live all alone,

Happy as can be,

What's your problem?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

every1 iz bein a bitch 2 me 2day!FUCK U!

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yeah i have those days ALOT...but i like this..its really.. expressed good..? dunno how else to put it, but its good