My Bloody Corpse

My corpse is on the floor,

Blood still flowing slowly.

The blood flow isn't as fast as it was,

Because my heart isn't forcing my blood away.

Not one vien in my body is attached,

They are all broken and slit.

Blood is seeping through each slit in my body,

But the blood poured out of the huge hole,

I stabbed a hole into my stomach.

Coughing up blood is what I did,

That metally taste was my last meal.

So when my body was found on the floor,

They mopped up my remains.

They threw my bloody corpse into fire,

As my ashes were recovered.

So not only will my soul meet the fires,

It is the fate of my bloody corpse as well.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my corpse will b found in a pile of blood...

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