Whoop dee doo,

Another lie,

I bet you are expecting me to cry,

But I won't,

You can do whatever your little heart pleases,

Claiming you don't want revenge,

But you still attempt to get even,

Send me mail saying 'What the Hell!'

Trying to tell me that I am ignoring you,

The funny thing is that you have been ignoring me too,

Calling me when you know I'm not home,

And you know I won't be able to have time to talk,

Then you continue to ignore me,

Avoiding me,

Saying sorry and you don't know what it is,

Cursing me off for something that you still don't know what it is,

By telling me to fuck off you have released the beast,

I will haunt you for a real long ass time,

Tormenting you,

Eyeing you and everything you try to do,

Telling me that the satanic me was nice to you before,

Trying to play like you were the only one dealing with shit,

This isn't about the size of your dick,

This is about you not knowing how to treat your girlfriend,

No wonder why you don't have many friends,

You send me messages telling me to not even try talking to you,

The very next day you send me mail complaining that I am ignroing you,

I should be the one saying 'What the Hell!'

But I am biting my tongue and tasting the blood,

Wishing it was yours,

So don't go telling people that the fault is mine,

You were always saying shit,

So don't play it off and act like it slipped,

I am not the ignorant little asshole that you think I am,

So stop bitching about this bitch.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

tsk tsk tsk....

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