Just Try And Stop Me

I watch your name,

Go up in one giant flame,

This is my game!

Stop me if you can,

Or be like the guy who ran,

And he calls himself a man!

You can call me a dike,

Tell me to take a hike,

And pop all the tires on my bike!

But you can never stop me,

With my stings worse then a bee,

You can't even kill me!

So don't try to escape,

Or hide behind the drape,

Because your skin you will soon scrape!

You can't stop me from hating you,

And you know you hate me too,

You're nothing but a big pile of poo!

So just bow down to me,

You will no longer be free,

And I will be your life's key!

So without me you will die,

And you won't go high up in the sky,

You will go to Hell to fry!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ummmm....i hate pplz...

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