I Quit

Damn the ciggarettes,

I use to smoke,

I won't turn back,

I quit.

Using the blade,

To end my life,

I will no longer force the blood,

From my veins,

I quit.

Playing with fire,

I won't do anymore,

The fire can stay in Hell,

Where it belongs,

I quit.

Fuck you, Lucifer,

You selfish bitch,

I'll use the fire once more,

To damn your book,

I hate your cult,

I quit!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im endin every last 1 of my obsessionz...my addictionz...Aug 9 startz the new me...happier...spoiled w/ my blessin...ilu manny...thank u so friggin much...i couldnt ask 4 nething more...if wordz could express how much i love u,websterz dictionary would have a million new wordz added in2 it...n alotta treez will die...

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Manny Rivera's picture

Michelle I love you so much I can't even speak it... and and even farther than that...I love you too much... You're the reason I'm still here... You are my blessing... Yes I kno i told you how i wasn't supposed to live and gave you all the reasons y and it seems like i have a purpose and i kno i do and i chose it... ur my purpose... i love yoi more than life and i would love u in death... I am to watch over u and keep u safe from all the evil... and i kno u want me 2... I love you so much i would die rite now to give u more air to breathe...I will protect you from fire... from the knife and from eric and his teasin that bitch i wont let him tease u so u hurt urself... I LOVE U CHELLE I AM YOUR GUARDIAN FROM AUG. 9th I WILL PROTECT YOU