A Bedtime Story

In a land not far away at all,

A teenaged girl is hanging,

In the middle of her bedroom.

Blood is oozing from her neck,

As the rope is taunt around it.

Her soulless spirit is staring at the body,

Admiring her last work.

Small angels come through her bedroom window,

On this bright, sunny day,

And lead the young girl's ghost to the above land.

They fly high above,

Through the clouds they go,

The wind flowing through her hair.

St.Peter staring down at her,

From a cloud high above,

A smile isn't on his face,

As he shakes his head from left to right.

Something that resembles a black shadow,

The demon that has had the girl possessed,

Flows from the spirit's eyes.

Then it laughs and evil laugh,

It smiles a wicked grin,

It swallows the small angels whole,

And flies down to the land below.

The spirit of the girl begins to fall,

It falls deep within the earth.

It falls into the fiery flames of Hell,

Never to be heard of again.

And everyone lived happily ever after...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote thiz 1 nite in the middle of the nite...it kinda popped in2 my mind when i wuz tryin 2 sleep

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Larry Tomlin's picture

i like this bedroom story
its amazen its how i feel life is