My Addiction

Give me the razor,

I need it now!

Not next week,

Not tomorrow,

Now bitch!

My addiction to the razor,

My addiction to see the blood,

Don't deny me this one little thing I ask!

I never asked you for one god damn thing!

This is all I need,

So hand it over please,

Or I'll take it with a fight,

And don't even test me bitch,

I won't hesitate 2 shove my foot up ur ass!

Then I'll take my razor,

I'll take my knife,

Stick the knife right up your crack!

You should of gave it to me when I first asked,

Now you got a blade and blood leaking from your ass!

Now I got my razor,

My withdrawl is over,

Blood from my wrist,

This is my addiction.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im addicted 2 the fuckin razor

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