No Regrets

I smile at the thought of the first night we met,

I've cherished the months we have so far spent,

Having the approval of my best friend,

Look to your side, I'm there til the end,

You came back even when I had to let you go,

I will proudly say I'm your personal ho,

I trust you because you have only slipped as few lies,

I hope to never have to say our final formal good byes,

You only do it when I tell you you could,

If I say no, it's clear it's understood,

It's not a waste of time when I'm with you,

You are my heart's dream come true,

You make me so happy I fall asleep with a smile every night,

I have no reason to put up a fight,

You won't let my spirits die,

Being with you makes me feel so alive,

I love it when you sweet talk me,

I would have given my virginity to you if I hadn't previously let it go free,

I love everything about you,

And I am the luckiest girl because I'm loved by you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'Regrets Of A Lifetime' altered to show how great things are with my b/f now

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