I Finally Truely Fell In Love

It was planned only to be a one-night stand,

How it got so far I may never understand,

I was only in it for a fuck,

Apparently, I had more luck,

He asked me out in less than a week,

I thought the relationship would be a sneak peek,

Things changed when feelings started to grow,

Through sexual intimacy it would show,

For once doing it felt so right,

Hearts so light,

Good times and laughs were generously shared,

For him I honestly, deeply cared,

Things were great as we got closer,

I began to fall in love with this mister,

He used to do cute little things,

I think he got joy from the smile it brings,

He started to invite me when he hung out with his friends,

Who knew that was where the happiness ends?

So much he cared about me,

He had to let go and let me be free,

Because he can't help but to be a man whore,

My heart shattered and it tore,

He wanted it to be before he found someone,

Leaving me for someone else would be a lot less fun,

Caring so much he didn't want to see me cry,

And even more he didn't want my insides to die,

Because he is too afraid to be attached,

Unfortunately I was dispatched.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love u john...i wish i woulda sed it when i hadd the chance

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