Fate's Lies

All my life I've alwayz been down and out

Didnt know why or what it was about

Losing everybody I was close to one way or another

Laying face down hoping I'd smother

Nobody could help any way at all

Had to sit back and watch me crumble and fall

Then one day when I was at my worse

Ready to take one last ride in back of a herse

Gave up on anybody and anything

Nothing good for me would life ever bring

A greeting from an awsome juggalo

"Just dropped by to say hello...."

Where it would lead I never would have knew

If I hadn't responded back "....you seem cool too."

Added him to my messanger buddy list

Little did I know my life was about to twist

Told him of my life as as child

And how even then nothing has been mild

I had cried so much, ran out of tears

Got tired of faltering everytime I faced my fears

How I had become my own worst enemy

The only thing I needed saving from was me

As the time went by even though we never seen face to face

He helped me to regain my base

I knew there was something about him from that very moment

I just couldnt seem to place my finger on it

Started to realize something, I'd never expect it

Lives so far away, too much pain already should I risk it

Oh but I did and I allowed myself to like him

Although all my chances seemed quite slim

"Yea that's cool, I actually like you too,

We could hook up if I lived nearer to you."

I tried not to allow myself, but it all hit the floor

I began to care for him more and more

From then on there has never been a doubt in my mind

A way to be with him is all I cared to find

Finally the plans have all be set

Am I excited? Most definately you bet

We have over come everything, being together is the plan

Then out of nowhere it has all hit the fan

Some other girl says she loves him too

"Sorry girl, he's mine he'll never take you"

Yet he says that for this he's going to let fate decide

So either I'm getting my dream, or fate as once again lied

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Afzal Shauq's picture

its a good poem friend with rich idea and perfectly done in sweet way..impressive and heart catchy..even heart touching too... means you are a good poet... wish you write more and more...hope you will also go through my poems and you will like them...your comments will be respected and added to my new book if you wish...I am basically known as (peace wisher poet) with 6 book published and all are online... let me share with you one of my famous say regarding peace...((( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with...Afzal Shauq ))) hope you like my work too...its my birthday and my best friends are wishing me poems of friendship... be a good friend too