Do You Really?

You say you know, but do you really?

What's its like to love someone

So much that other emotions go numb

To wonder how their day is going

When something's wrong, it bugs you if you're not knowing

No one understands why you're so happy

You see them, the butterflies in your stomach get flappy

The only person that knows how to make you smile

Haven't felt this good in quite a while

Nothing else seems to matter anymore

Their all you need in this messed up world

Their pain is yours, yours is theirs

The only person that really truly cares

Losing them, you'd never be able to bear

You say you know, but do you really?

The fears and visions of losing that one

Even though the thought seems so dumb

You get depressed just at the thought

Of losing the love that, for so long you have fought

You'd do anything to help it succeed

Yet being left behind is the only future you see

Quick you gotta think fast

Must think of something to make it last

Sit and talk with them bout how you feel

They do what they can to help you deal

Yet the problem that dont fully solve

Sometimes thoughts begin again to make depression evolve

Why cant this negativity just dissolve

You say you know, but do you really?

What it's like to finally think it's alright

Then one day, comes your worse fright

That one you love, decides to leave

You cry so hard, you cant even breathe

You sit and remmince on the good times you had

It doesnt help, just makes you more sad

You dont know what to do anymore

You feel alone and lost in the big messed up world

You've lost your happiness, you've lost your soul

And it was your heart that person has stole

You cant explain how you felt, dont' know where to begin

When they walked out and said "Can we still be friends?"

You start to sit and wonder, will you ever be able to love again?

Been through that plenty of times before

But I kept getting up and going back for more

Heartbreak after heartbreak, tear after tear

Going through it once more is my biggest fear

Don't know how to explain, don't know where to start

But from another love, I cannot bear to part

Why would you do that to someone you claim to love

Is there anybody else in the world thats just had enough

Do you really like dealing with that from day to day

Or is it truly going through the pain, something you can't honestly say

You say you know, but tell me honestly

Do you really?

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new_wave_franky's picture

Nice poem. I like poetry in which comes to pose a lot of questions.

July 23, 2009.