Shattered Pieces

Picking up the pieces to a shattered heart

That someone else got ahold of and decided to tear apart

I know the pain you go through

And when you hurt, it hurts me too

That's why I'll always be there through thick and thin

Right there by your side when you feel like you can't win

People around you do nothing but bring you down

You know you'll always have me, I'll always be around

No matter whether your, happy sad or confused

I also know what its like to feel used

Starting to get feelings for someone, feels like love

Although with them, just dont seem like enough

I will always be there to pick up the pieces as they fall

It reminds me of a beautiful picture that has fallen from a wall

So I work as hard and fast as I can to put it back together

Friends not for very long, though it seems like forever

Tears to my eyes as I see the many pieces on the floor

You've been there through mine, Im going to be there through yours

I'll be there everytime someone tries to rip you apart

I'll be there to pick up the shattered pieces to a broken heart

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Nathaniel Jordan's picture

This is a very inspiring piece. Lasting friendships are hard to come by. Having someone in your life who cares makes everything else that much easier. I love the fluent rhyme in this poem. It's very beautiful.

- Nathaniel -