What You Want

I’ma give you what you want

It might be what you need

You want to hear me say

“It’s over for real”

You know it’s what you want

What, do you think I want it too?

No, the only thing I want is to be with you

But if push comes to shove

I don’t think I’ll be standing

Because I know I fell for you.

I wont remain standing

You should have been

You could have been

You would have been my man

But this pushin’ and shovin’

Has got to come to an end

Now I know I can’t get over you

Without doing something I don’t need to do

So go a head and get over me

I’ll keep on dreaming of” what could be”

But when your gone it’s all me

You do you and I will do me

You might be letting someone else do me

This is no longer we

Now it has turned into “you or me”

I love you but I’ve got to let you be

                                 By, Xiomara L Ramos

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is to let the man i love know where, not we,but(he and me)stand.

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