I know You Better Start Actin Right

I know you better start actin’ right

You can’t take a joke now you wanna fight

I know you better start actin right

If you want to keep her around

I hope your game is tight

I know you better start actin’ right

Don’t blame yo girl for liking him

Only If you were right within

You wouldn’t have to worry ‘ bout him

And by him, I mean that other nigga

He keeps watchin yo chick

He's playin’ it slick

Don’t give her the blame

It aint ha fault you tryn’a kick game

Callin’ other niggga’s lame

Start actin right

And just take the blame


By, Xiomara L Ramos

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the man i love, simply to let him know"TIGHTEN UP!"

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