Eyes in the Mirror

Paint this perfect picture

Colors that define the image

Lines drawn to show you this

Perfect shades over the eyes

To hide the truth behind the person

Self portrayed art

But through the brush, it tells lies

Just what we need

More lies to cover up

A world that never existed, that will never come to be

Betrayed perfection

A walk to turn away from yourself

You are the fool of society

A change that will bleed your denial

Crush your permiating beauty

Reveal the ugliness under your skin

Plumes of smoke fill your head

As you release yourself from reality

Look down to see

Your heros point

Inject into this, devastating pleasure

The shadows of the image

Begin to crawl upon the person

Fading the colors that shined so bright

These lines obscure the many facades

That you portray

You are the fool of society

Natures gift of beauty

Glows within you

But you throw the tarpe over the light

Hiding it from what you dont want to see

Look into those eyes

Self reflected demon

The tears of madness flow from you

But still, you're societys fool

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