little girl lost

when i feel lost
your never here,
when i feel alone,
all i know is fear,
i've told you
time and time again,
i get no answer,
no means to an end,
i was born into
a drug-filled world.
born addicted to meth,
an innocent baby girl,
you say it's my fault,
when i explode in rage,
but maybe the drugs
had set my life on a pre-set stage,
with an audience,
full of blood,
full of fear,
all i know now in my life,
that my life is forever here....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for my grandmother, the only mother i have ever truly known... yet somehow isnt ever really there.....and also for my mother, whom i hate for being who she is, drugging an infant for her own personal gain...

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nothing is concrete or

nothing is concrete or written in stone; your life is only preset if you believe it to be

its just life's way of screwing us in that when we really need something its gone and when we dont need it...its back

you will nevermore need to be alone for i shall be there; i will forever endeavor to assuage your fears and find your answers


"What is this world but a dream that a sleeper sees - he delights in it for a few moments, and then wakes up to face reality"