Burning Out

It would be so easy,
to sit and wait,
For death to come.
I could fight
With simplicity,
Or i could take flight,
be taken with gravity.
I wish I knew,
Why i want to die,
What can i do?
I want to know why!
I need to be fixed,
I am burning out fast,
Faster than a candles wick,
I don't know long I'll last.
I need help,
I need it fast,
I need it now,
But I am unable to ask.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If anyone has any sort of advice for me that would be great.. but please dont tell me that i need to stop cutting or whatever.. ive heard it all before, but noone does anything to stop me. or even bothers to look and see if there is anyhting truly wrong with me.. so any advice would be greatly appreciated..

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