A Confined Bird

A Confined Bird

By: Ciara Isaac

Why is it that if I were to be a bird.. that I am not free?


I limit myself with boundries upon borderlines in which I shall not fly across


Wanting to feel the love of another.. something only an ugly duckling could possibly ever understand..


Having always wanting attention.. but with good intentions.. and sadly.. I am begining to think others believe that those intentions are a false pretense defined maliciously within bare reach of the lies others can no longer believe


Truthfully however, within my reach that being a bird confined.. is a bird that need not tell a lie .. and may now be the time to let this young bird cut the line of the limits I have let myself be defined




Now my spirit  is alive

Fly away little bird.. fly

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See my only thing is I haven't attempted to write a poem in long form like sentences. Mine are more like a few words each line hahaha o_O To leaving you guessing I guess haha oh wow :P

"Sometimes I wish Upon a Star with the clouds Far behind..." - Isreal K 'Somewhere over The Rainbow'