Nothing but a steel cage
Mocking me, laughing, taunting
Trapped beneath my adolescent rage
I hear so many voices, yet none are talking

Empty dark glares
Flooding my mind, my imagination
I can no longer dream of elsewhere
Since the nothingness consumed my sense of creation

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Yes, inclined to agree. I

Yes, inclined to agree. I particularly like the idea of "empty dark glares" - it suggests something paradoxical to me? Very balanced, and you really get a sense of apathy here. Nice one.

"Satellite's gone
up to the skies.
Thing like that drive me
out of my mind.

I watched it for a little while:
I love to watch things on TV." - Lou Reed

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It must be difficult

It must be difficult controlling your rage but you did so gracefully and came up with this wonderful poem. Rage is something that even in my age I have difficulty controlling oftentimes. But having an outlet here and reading analytical or interesting poetries helped me not to dwell on my issues which could lead to temper outbursts.

Dear, nothingness has not consumed your sence of creation because this lovely poem was the proof. Nothingness may have soured your dreams but it has not dulled your talent.


“ Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."
                                                   ~ Rumi