Walk My Way

When I saw you, walk my way


Wow! How lucky, you made my day


When you glanced, I had a chance


To make that move, you enhanced


I saw that, with the facts


Yes, I thought, I like that


How you moved, I approved


Staying cool, not to drool


Flowing hair, I just stared


Was that a smile, I went wild


Thinking fast, I had to do


Think of something, to stop you


I shouted out, Taxi here


You turned your head, with no fear


I opened the door, you stepped in,


Then you looked up, can we be friends


What a day, like today


This lovely lady came my way


Time went on, I’m here to say


When you see her, make your play


It’s only natural, yes to do


Fall in love, like we do


Live love laugh you see, in this life


Be set free..


Dm  4/17/2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Make that play, and make your day.. 

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