Move and Grow

With love and friendship everyday
We move and grow, every way
Into a world, complicated 
Lets stay strong, not separated


Being together, holding hands
Helping each other, making a stand
Love each other, women and man
This I like, because we can


Through the light, that’s takes us there
Also darkness, we also bare
Every moment, this leads us to
Everything, we must do


Make a smile, share the love
Do your best, just because
Brighten life, make it right
Keeps us going, that I like


Dm 5/23/13



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Move and grow, is what we do, just hang in there, and follow through..

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Thank you Healingwomen, for

Thank you Healingwomen, for your kind words.. I like..Laughing

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I like that too. :)

I like that too. :)

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