My Reason


Your my reason, letting go
All your beauty, I love so
All of you, breaking through
As for one, let it be done


Like slow motion, passion sounds
Hold me tight, to the ground
Taking you, all the way
Not letting up, night and day


It's a feeling, you spell on thee
Your warm feeling, covering me
Tell me, tell me, let me see
Watching you, you watching me


Embraced fully, deep the end
Wanting you, oozing too
How you build me, up and up
You keep open, oh so much


Love me little, do it big
This is love, how it is
Lets keep going, all the way
Let love flow, loving you so..


DM copywrite 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thinking of you, always..

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heatherburns35's picture


Some nice writing here.  Many good similies composed in your poem. Reasons for loving her.

workm's picture

Thank you..

Thank you so much Heather, you are so beautiful and a great friend to me. Always special, true to heart, that is you from the start.. Just a treasure, being here with you, you make me smile, you always do..