These Good Times

These good times, everyday
at the end of your day, was it OK
Did you make a smile, help them out
show some love, without doubt

Say hello, made it real
it felt good, inside a thrill
Sweet sincere, all the way
made them smile, made there day

Giving thanks, blessings to
made them move, like you do
Made it count, that and more
that you felt, in your core

Reached in deep, brought it out
love for all, gave a shout
In your voice, and the eyes
was it truth, that arrived

At the end, of the day
you looked back, it was this way
Reflect OK, give thanks and say
from your heart, where love starts

These good times, here and now
are precious moments, any how
Love and shine, everyday
these good times, all the way

DM copyright 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

here today, gone tomorrow..

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