Taste the Love..

Taste the love..is all we need..to keep the fire..burning free..
It's inside..what we feel..to release..that is real..
True happiness..is the way..the one you love..night or day..
Take their hand..hold it tight..reassure them..it's alright..
Taste the love..that you have..do it right..make them glad..
What else is there..in this life..Love, just taste it..don't think twice..

Take it slow..let it be..when it's right..you will see..
Share each other..what you feel..that's the time..loves a thrill..
All the way..make it good..tasting love..like you should..
It's ment to be..just set free..when you do..it's lovely..
The one you love..there with you..sharing love..is what you do..
Give it all..share it there..taste the love..show you care..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling you..here and now..tasting you..I love to do..

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I like this

Nice. A smooth read. 

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Thank you Deborah so much, I

Thank you Deborah so much, I appreciate your kind words.. Love and blessings..