There You Are..

There You Are..

There You are..standing the moon light..what a thrill..
It’s your shape..your body you move..when you walk..
Your hair flowing..down it seems..ooh so my dream..
The soft shadows..from the I need’s so true..

Just to touch you..feel you how I want you..let me host..
Fill you up..with true love..just letting go..from above..
Having you..all the my darling..sweet, I say..
All of you..I have to have..this I love..makes me glad..

To see you happy to..let me take I do..
To hear you breathe..feel your breath..your smooth lips..on my chest..
Pulling you..into me..holding tight..that I see..
Yes, so warm..that you are..this I love..just because..

It’s the women..that you are..that I take far..
All of in both..not just lust..
It’s the passion..and we are..both on fire..
Burning souls..wanting more..that we give..from our core..

Taking you..under the stars..both in the ocean..
Little words..none are said..loving kisses..just instead..
Bodies talking..both as one..come forever..
Never leaving..what we love..that we care..

Heated sweat..running between the ground..
Can’t get we feel..sealed up’s so real..
Pulling we and we know..
To the limit..wanting more..digging deep..inside our cores..

To that moment..that we the’s so real..
Give each other..all the love..from within..again and again..
At that this place..release each other..feel the taste..
All the beauty..that we show..with each other..letting go..

Watching watch me..all this passion..we set free..
Is so love spills..for each other..sends a chill..
Through our bodies..oh so hot..never ending..not to stop..
Just the feeling..that we each other..just because..

DM Poem 10/26/2011

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there you are

A beautiful love poem. Many great metaphors in poem.

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Thank you Heather, Im fairly

Thank you Heather, Im fairly new to writing about 4 yrs now..I see you at Vilma FB and PP are very good mentor..I need all the help I can get..and feed back I love it..Vilma friend sent me to this site..I will invite you at FB..I do my daily diddy there..Tonite I go out to do stand up and the Coffee Bean andTea Leaf across from UNLV..not trying to go to another level, jus trying to learn more and branch out..

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Hi Workm. yes Vilma and I are friends long time now. I love her dearly.
She is very sweet lady. I don't think you really need a mentor. For only
four years you are writing great. Your love poems are excellent. Very
emotional. Yes I am on facebook so I will look forward to being your
friend there. As far as branching out, let your poetry take you as far
as it will. Talents are to be used, and enjoyed. I have been writing for
20+years. Please check out some of my poems if you should get a chance.
I have one book title "LOVE KNOTS" posted on It is an e-book.
Dedicated to a dear friend of mine. now deceased. Better go now it's getting
late. take care heather