Special Lady..

A special Lady..that is you..your like the sunshine..shinning through..
Down on me..that you are..Yes, I feel you..from afar..
I hold you close..to me you see..your in my heart..your that, to me..
Like the sun..on my face..feeling you..at that place..

Your lovely smile..and your touch..that I love..ooh, so much..
Love and friendship..I adore..its your love..that makes me soar..
Flying high..in the sky..looking down..you I found..
Always there..for me, I see..my love for you..will always be..

I will always..hold you close..you, my dear..your the most..
Always beautiful..my sweet desire..wish you here..I'ld take you higher..
Love and friendship..is my way..loving you..everyday..
Your bring peace..to my soul..all your love..is a goal..

Your the sweetest..and so kind..nothing like you..hard to find..
Your a flower..I would shower..with my love..from above..
All of you..there for me..would be a dream..it just seems..
Your a angel..with your love..here for me..from above..

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vilmazab's picture

Special Lady

I would like to think that all of your friends are special, and that would probably include me..
Thank you for sharing, and becoming my friend..In Poetry, we are all special..:-)

workm's picture

Thank you..

Vilmazab, your truely a beautiful lady and Im happy we become friends.. Your right, Poetry is something special..just like you are..have fun..tc always..

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Special Lady

Another sweet and inspiring poem.