If I was a rocker, I’d wear what I want, looking like a star, go real far..

Like all the colors, that you see, fade in and out, have you believe..

Singing and playing, doing my thing, keep your head bobbing, everything..

Dancing to music, is what I like best, keep having fun, forget the rest..

 Making you smile, happy inside, being that rocker, taking that ride..


All around the world, I would go, see all my friend, say hello..

Invite them all, to the show, forget all their troubles, just let go..

Have a great time, like you do, if I was a rocker, rocking with you..

With you all singing, at the same time, just being all together, it’s all sunshine..

I’d play a slow one, for the old ones, for young at heart, bold and smart..


If I was a rocker, I’d rock you all, doing my thing, having a ball..

Hearing you sing, doing the wild thing, swing it shake it, till you’re green..

Rock around the world, here and there, rock around the clock, like you just don’t care..

Make you all smile, feel good to, jumping up and down, like it was a rule..

Making you dance, fast and slow, doing it best, how you know..


Dm 8/1/17



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