Moon with Venus


A time of year, we get to see, Venus shine, looking fine.. With the moon, she wants to be, get in close, I believe.. Show her beauty, like she does, the moons a quarter, up above.. She stands out, big and proud, with the moon, he smiles loud.. Being second, from the sun, she shines bright, like tonight.. The third brightest, in earths sky, after the sun and moon, she’s kinda shy.. Sister to earth, close in size, she loves the moon, I don’t know why.. Being closest, to mother earth, her crush on the moon, is to kiss his soon.. Leave it to Venus, like a God, wanting the moon, and soon.. 


Dm  1/3/17 

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I like astronomical poems,

I like astronomical poems, and this one certainly contains some interesting personifications.  In my limited reading experience, I think you are quite unique for making the moon masculine.


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