Sharing a moment, looking up, all stars shine bright, how we like..

Dreaming throughts, how we do, taking a ride, getting through..

Left right, all around, then looking back, to the ground..

To one star, after another, holding hands, us both together..


Sharing dreams, like we do, pass one star, one falling to..

You see that, Wow what a tail, I wished on that, falling still..

Deeper we go, taking it slow, like a movie, or a show..

Big smiles, come to both, through the stars, like a host..


Slowing down, we look around, where are we now, star bound..

Holding tight, like we like, laughing to, how we do..

Light reflecting, from our eyes, flying high, through the sky..

Dropping back, time has come, stargazing, sure is fun..



Dm  7/19/2017

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A fun write like I like, keep writing.Cool  

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Another astrononical poem . .

Another astrononical poem . . . my lucky day!  As for your rhyme scheme, that's very bold to rhyme an internal word with the end-stopped rhyme.  Is that hard to do?  I tried it once, back in the 90's, and nearly tore my hair out with frustration.  Did Swinburne influence the pattern of rhyme that you selected?


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I like stargazing too. :)

I like stargazing too. :)

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