On My Mind

      You’re on my mind, like a song, it’s so sweet, I sing along..

I think of you, inside my head, it’s always there, like I said.. 

What can I say, this time of day, it is your love, can’t stay away..

I always have you, in my heart, this is the place, where my love start..

I dream of you, you know it’s true, it’s your love, I’m never blue..

I care for you, and always will, you have it all, you make the call..

Time fly’s by, with you inside, my love with you, I have confidence..

You are a friend, that’s dear to me, with all our love, I guarantee..

I’m here for you, you here for me, this is love, that’s meant to be..

Your happiness, is everything, just like when, the birds all sing..

I thank you, for accepting me, as a friend, I'll always be..

Here for you, that’s what I do, you are the one, that makes it fun..

Shows the love, under the sun, I let you go, I love you so.. 

This is my way, let the wind blow, I'll keep singing, the song I know ..

Dm 11/7 2008


Author's Notes/Comments: 

2008, It was made, the way you loved me, let it be.. 

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