Why a Poet writes Poetry..

We sit in light, if we like,

maybe dark, day or night..
What’s on the mind, comes with time
from the heart, does it rhyme..
Dare tell the truth, what’s the use,
make it fantasy, so you believe..
Is it real, give a thrills,
what’s the deal, go ahead appeal..
For you or me, let me see..
With pen in hand, tell where I stand,
make it grand, take it down..
Turn around, make it loud,
do your best, our you proud..
Do I wander, maybe ponder
telling all, have a ball..
Why I write, think these things,
who am I, is it my genes..
Make a smile, bring to heart,
is it love, that’s a start..
Be a poet, like you know it,
when you show it, there you stand..
Make it easy, get deep to,
write the words, you love to do..
What is this, a tell all,
it brings peace, that’s my call..
Let me write you, when I can,
I’ll tell you what, I’m just a man..
For all poets, great or not, 
just keep going, never stop..

Dm.. 2016

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A fun Challenge.. for you and you..

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I'll keep on scribbling.



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....