Happy Hearts Day


This special day, of love our way, it comes each year, here to stay..
Bringing together, love and joy, happiness to, for girls and boys..
Hearts and flowers, tasty treats, Valentine’s day, can’t be beat..
Cards balloons, that we see, from our hearts, we send thee..

For its love, how we survive, staying together, side by side..
Kisses hugs, we love to do, for each other, like we do..
Valentine’s Day, on the way, it’s all about love, just because..
For its love, from the heart, we all seek, it’s a part..

Romantic dinners, holding hands, making smiles, having plans..
A big surprise, even small, happy hearts day, the best of all..
Be the one, to make it great, sharing love, make no mistake..
Happy Valentine’s, to all I say, sharing is caring, all the way..


Dm copyright 2/11/2015

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Show and share love, just because. Sharing is caring, from above..

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Sweet Love

This made me smile.

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**

workm's picture

Thank you so much Lisa, I'm

Thank you so much Lisa, I'm glad you smiles.. enjoy.. Peac and love always..

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Very nice Sweet Love, always

Very nice Sweet Love, always love, just because.. Thx u..