The Key

Back then when I was just a naive boy, living with two best friends on an island

The three of us dreamt of distant lands in our harmonic childhood while smiling

We knew no better than to pursue our curiosity

A trio of children's innocence knows no boundaries

Me and them built a wooden raft, the only transportation we had where we were from

We had high expectations for what adventures is to come

Foolish we was to leave our parents behind

But we sought to to take the raft where fate will make us find

On that last dreadful day, our high hopes was destroyed since destiny had somethingelse in store

My male friend Riku shockingly vanished in darkness meanwhile when I eventually found Kairi, she disappeared in my arms after standing in front of a mysterious door

The door suddenly opened with overwhelming wind currents blew me outside the cave with all it's might

Once out in the open, a shadowy collosus of a monster forced me to fight

Although, when it seem like a lose to lose situation, something appeared to me in spite

A bladed weapon shaped like a key came to me in my hands when the time was right; choosing me as it's wielder, keybearer and warrior of light!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Poem based on the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts series. Please give conscructive feedback! Its not like the other poetry I have done. I experimented with this one! If I get good feedback I'll post more  like this. :)

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