The wind crys out your name

The wind crys out your name

this loneliness drives me insane


i cry my self to sleep each night

wishing i could hold you tight


just sit around the house

with nothing to do every where

i look i see you


i miss you so much

i need you so why lord

why did she have to go

why did you not take me as well


instead of leaving me here

in this private hell ,how long lord

must this go on until i can come home


i know she will be there waiting

for me,so lord don`t break an old

mans heart let us not be apart...


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You are an accomplished and recognized writer Sir

You are an accomplished and recognized writer Sir.On this side of the pond I'm trying to weave some words on my own.I just came across this post & it held my attention for quite sometime.The yearning for a loved one is so very clear from your well chosen tapestry of words.Loneliness is indeed a curse Sir.I particularly liked the usage "private hell" I'm a headless chicken seeking words to paste.



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sorry i missed your comment i dont think they get mailed to me thank you for reading  Ron