Will You Marry Me



A Poem by wordman




My love

you will be with me

forever and a day


My love for you

will never fade away


You`re the most beautiful

thing to come into my life


You`re my inspiration

you`re the light of my life


you`re my every dream

you`re my dream come true


I want you to know my darling

just how much I love you


you`ve inspired my life

you have helped me grow

you`ve helped me in ways

you`ll never know


Your the sweetest thing

to come into my life

would you take this ring

and place it on your hand

Will you always be my lady

and I will always be your man

will you darling be my wife...


© 2018 wordman

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This is a beautiful poem. I

This is a beautiful poem. I hope she says yes! 


Copyright © morningglory

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thank you for the visit !