Hey Little One

I sit here
watching you sleeping
wondering what dreams in your
mind is a creeping

A jumping and bouncing kangaroo
or maybe a couple little puppies
just licking on you

Chasing little kittens
running up a tree,or
maybe that time when you
skint your knee

And lets not forget
that blanket and pillow that
you always carried

I hope your over it
by the time you are married
well baby your only three years old
you still have a long time to grow

Well sweetie i dont know how long
old grand pa will be with you
to watch you grow

But i love you very much
i just want you to know

You have two sisters and a brother too
i done the same thing as they grew
i may not always be with you
but i will always be in your heart...

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Hey little one

Profoundly touching poem. So filled with love. and tenderness. Baby will profit fron that love be assured.

Elizabeth Dandy

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Love grandbaby poems

I think people were sick of hearing about my little Austin. It's hard to quit writing about them when they fill you with such love and joy. I know exactly how you felt.