Guess the name

I wonder lord ,
will i do anything right today

You think after ten years
i could find the right way

Like when i get the mail
i did,nt shut the lid all the way
or when i bring in the garbage can
well i did,nt park it just the right way

I got some ketchup on my shirt today
i guess i,m a slob
what can i say

I wonder lord
will i do any thing right today

Dirt on the bottom of my shoe
oh well i,ll have hell to pay
that just wont do

I wonder lord
will i do anything right today

Left a coke can in her car
she threatened me with a jar
did,nt put down the lid on the

I thought she would explode
well it was finally time to go to bed
when she patted me on the shoulder
hell i just played dead...

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does this sound familiar

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Ya, I would have played dead

Ya, I would have played dead too! Hard to feel love when all you are to them is something to critcize. When all you do is either wrong or not enough, it exhausts the heart. Sad, and poignant read, Mr wordman

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play dead,,lol,,thank you for

play dead,,lol,,thank you for the visit

ron parrish

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Excessive complaining over

Excessive complaining over the exterior world, they say is a lack of inner peace, not to mention un expressed or inadequately expressed emotions. I would say, talk to your roomate and make it a heart to heart, and if it isn't possible, seek guidance to learn how. A woman who had had her feelings validated, in conjunction with a man who is brave enough to consider them, is one happy go lucky woman!!

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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i  guess i need to ponder on

i  guess i need to ponder on that for a while,but thanks for the read and comment

ron parrish