Was it worth the cost

Dear Lord

You was born on this day

in a manger,upon the hay

You were sent here lord

to take my sins away

I praise you lord

i bless this day

You were sent here from on high

to live a short life and then to die

But after three days you was born again

and now your blood has covered my sin

But lord you know

old satan will find a way

to make gold from the hay

Millions of dollars

will be spent during this time

the gold has made man blind

Let`s not forget

what christmas is all about

man should be up on the mountain top

giving a shout

Happy birthday jesus

and thank you for nailing my sin to your cross

and for your sacrifice no more men will be lost

But was it worth it lord

was it worth the cost...

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

interesting piece and I'm sure ifyou could hear a verbal response the answer would be yes.. Merry Christmas Ron!