A poem for my momma

Well momma,

today is your day

your reward has finially come.

I remember

when you went to bed hungry

so we had enough to eat

you would go barefoot in the summer

so we had shoes on our feet.

You did the best you could

with what you had

sometimes you were lonely

sometimes you were sad

us kids is all you had.

But you always loved us

and this we all knew.

But today momma

your reward has come

you don`t have to worry anymore

if you can get some credit at the little store.

So we could have food to eat

clothes on our back

and shoes on our feet.

Weve seen you carry water for a mile

just to wash our clothes for school

and every sunday you would

walk us to church.

But momma

you dont have to suffer anymore

your in heaven getting your reward.

You know momma

us kids always admired you so

i`m not sure we ever told you so.

You got old and gray

your body frail and weak

but our love you did`nt have to seek

we were here to take you in.

But to pay back your love and sacrifice

we could never begin

but tonight we know your in heaven

with your family and friends

and you will share gods love

without end...

Fifty dollars a month

welfare check and twenty five

went for rent the other twenty five well

it was allready spent.

Daddy in prison

most of our life

always worried about his children

and his wife.

Our old land lord

well she let us clean her house

and mow her yard,sometimes she would

give us some old dried up bread

to keep from throwing it in the yard.

Well those days are long gone

daddy is dead and momma has allthimers

her time is near but she will want for nothing

as long as we are here...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yes this is a true story
about my mother in law
her time is near but so are we

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

very sad story and very evocative emotionally..

teresa_r's picture

Hi Ron,
This is so sad and i can
relate my dad is in the hospital
and 93 years old so i can relate.