Thoughts of a struggling christian

You said

you would deliver me

in my time of need

Look at me lord

as i stand and bleed

Yes i saw the footprints

in the sandbut lord where were you

when i took my stand

A legion of angels

was all around

as i stood my ground

So now you carry me

through the sand

but where were you lord

when i took my stand

My enemies before me

all around

where were you lord

when i hit the ground

You say you love me

and i beleive you do

but where are you lord

when i really need you.

I know lord

your love is without cost

but i feel my birth certificate

lord you have lost

Dont you remember lord

that december day in 89

when i fell on my knees

and claimed you as mine

So now lord

i am in need

please dont just stand there

and watch me bleed...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yes i am a struggling christian,but i feel like this on occasion

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Cherisse U's picture

I feel your pain; I feel your weakness in everyday life.
I live the same way myself.

excellent work.