Treasures in heaven

When i feel down

i open my book of treasures

I look inside and see

what the lord has stored up for me

placed there by jesus

placed there for me.

Streets of gold

gates of pearl

no sickness or sorrow

in this new world.

A place where night never falls

no sirens blowing

or no close calls

No cemetaries taking up space

just the lord jesus

with all his grace.

Rose gardens of love

where ever you look

water gently flowing

from a stone brook.

A gentle breeze

gently blowing through my hair

here with the lord

with out a care.

No more pain

no more sorrow

and you know that

you`ll always have tomorrow.

No hospitials,no morgues

will you ever see

the lord took them all from me.

Just peace and love day after day

what wonderful treasures

the lord has waiting for me.

No planes,no trains

will you ever see

just think it,and there you`ll be.

Oh what beautiful treasures

the lord has made for me

the best food you`ll ever eat

and you dont fear walking down the street.

Your clothes white silk

trimmed in gold satin

gold shoes around your feet

your at home your life complete.

For years you have traveled this road

pain and sorrow always by your side

so many times you have broken down

and cried.

You thought the lord was no where around

but he was there holding your crown

so children have no fear

the book of treasures is always near...

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great piece Ron ,long time no hear,mail me