A little boys dream

Lord i don`t write very well

you know i`m just a little boy

but lord i looked under our tree

there was no toy there for me.

I cried and cried

and fell back to sleep

but an angel came to me

in my sleep.

She said in the morning

look under your tree

there will be a toy from jesus

put there by me.

When i awoke i looked under the tree

the most beautiful toy did i see

left by the angel just for me

my momma just stood there

with tears in her eyes

the toy was a suprise.

Then i told her of my dream

then her eyes was a gleam

so she bowed her head to pray

the lord touched us both

on that day.

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shawon1982's picture

this is a wonderful and heart touching poem. i wish you all the best.

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon