A Poem by wordman



She came from the south

like a thief in the night

with death and destruction

before the morning light.

She hit the coast

with a fury of hell

death and destruction

no one can ever tell

Lives torn apart

homes blown away

for years to come

people will remember this day

When she came in

she came in blind

Death and destruction was on her mind

she took whatever at her will

but pain and sorrow she will never feel

Like the fury from hell

she came in and out

leaving people in awe

just wandering about,to weak to cry

to proud to shout

Yes katrina has took her toll

but she can never take your soul ...

God bless the survivors

and those who didn`t

© 2015 wordman

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truths's picture

yes, God bless them all

Many believe this was a HAARP operation
... HAARP and Woodpecker can amplify and pinpoint

one effect... a billionaire land grab of coastal
property as Blackwater Security mercenaries patrol
with machine guns keeping people away from their own property

word_man's picture


you are right it could have been from haarp  they want to kill about half the people off

the earth quake is next and haarp is part of it

Cherisse Unger's picture

Amazing thing to do.. write about something tht hurt millions of ppl..

you r a remarkable writer, how do u manages to write so well?

Laura Murphy's picture

such a devasating event....nicely written poem

honey811's picture

This spoke with very good words, it's really sad and I like the way you worded here makes sense to me. Now there is a tidle wave going to hit taiwan and china tomorrow and there will be devastating there to. This reminds me of the saying of the 4 angles that sit at the corners one in the east another west, north and south. They were given the permission to destroy the earth and everything in it.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Hi Ron, great piece. I'm glad to see several of us were touched enough to write about Katrina