The Travel Channel

Gates of pearl

streets of gold

never to hot,never to cold

The sun never sets

the grass is always green

a more beautyful place eyes has never seen

No fire trucks,no ambulances,no police

will you ever see no pain no sorrow

will ever be no hospitals or cemetaries

will ever lay hold on me

Music will flow all around

beautyful flowers grow from the ground

your mother will call you to supper once again

you will be surronded by your family and friends

There is no beggining ,there is no end

theres no place i`de rather be

than to be at the dining table

having supper with the family...

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

absolutely wonderful, I love the heart and the family unity and so many do not know what it is today to have a sit down meal with the family.

honey811's picture

This was a really spiritual piece, the eternity is forever. Through time and space and to never be erased.
I truelly love this piece and the concept.