Lead ,,Don`t Push

Momma all you can do

is plant a seed of god ,in her heart

and pray for her each time you are apart

The Lord,he will water the seed

he will supply ,according to her need

Good times,bad times,she will see them all

and as the need arises she will learn to call

just pray the lord will be with her if she falls

She will be like a bird

just learning to fly

she will laugh,she will cry

Just be with her in her time of need

and let god water that seed

And when shes ready

you will see her spirit grow

and the lord she will always know...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A young mother asked for a poem to help her 14 year old daughter to be a christian,this is what i came up with

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

The title really sums it up,yes we have to lead not push because with pushing people pull back. To lead with a gentle hand and understanding ear is to set communication for things to come. Really great piece