My Final Prayer

Lord,here i am one more time

on my knees crying out to you

Do you know me lord,do you know my name

is it real or just a game

a fabel from years of old stories

being told,and told

Are you there?do you hear me

do you even care,you say that i am your child

you say you love me,but i don`t know any more

I pray to you lord most every day

but i don`t think you hear a word that i say

You say you love me,you call me son

but my life lord seems so over run

i cry out for help but i get none

am i lord am i really your son

When you talk to preachers they say you did`nt

do it the right way,i thought it only needed

to come from the heart thats where prayer really starts

But lord for 29.95 they will show you the way

a book,a tape,a quick prayer and your on your way

But lord i don`t have 29.95 what do i do

i`m down on my knees crying out to you

so please lord show me the way

before my heart hardens and i turn away...

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LaRae Amy Dawn Lohstroh's picture

I can relate to that. Well written. It needs punctuation and capitalization, but other than that, I like the message.

honey811's picture

A prayer should never be final, Lord hears, sees and knows.
the question is do you hear, see and know.
I really like this piece, most people do feel this way, and when you have a strong relationship, the doubt should never cross the mind, the love is always in your heart.