Death Of A Poet

His eyes barely open

he takes pen in hand

this is his final poem

he must begin..

The pain creeps around his fingers

as he tries to write but he knows he must finish

finish tonight..

He writes of his life

the pain and sorrow expecting

every thing to be better tomorrow..

But tomorrow,it never comes

his life slowly fading away as he writes

of his younger days if somehow he could just go back

some how every thing would be all right..

But he knows this is the last poem he`ll ever write

some how he knows that tonight will be the night

hands shaking with age his eyes barely in focus

He writes his last stanza

the pen falls from his hand he lies quietly

in his bed..

When they found him the next morning

he was dead, they found his unfinished poem

out loud they read.

I love you is all it said

i picked up his pen and said i will finish

this poem for this kind old man

I read other poems that he wrote

and i looked at his pitcures he had scattered

on his bed so i wrote

I love you and i always will

i never told you much but thats the way i feel

i can write beautyful poetry at my will but i

could show you how i feel..

Those times when you looked into my eyes

my heart would cry and when you put your arms

around me as we walked it made me proud

you was mine but tonight i sleep with angels

but tomorrow i will write you a beautyful poem

and tell you just how i feel...

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LaRae Amy Dawn Lohstroh's picture

This was extremely touching. Thanks for writing it, you really did a good job of getting your emotions across:)

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Wow Ron this is incredible! It brought tears to my eyes! I have thought about this subject but never written on it.Debated how to many times but guess I did not want to face the inevitable fact of it happening.It's like you write and you think you will continue to write w/o end.Of course this not true but in a way it is.Because though the pen drops we may write on the hearts of others if we have touched them at all in our lifetimes with our personal actions and with our written word. All I can say is wow on this piece! .I figured Id scan the daily before going to work this morning and this really caught me!