Do You

Do you remember me baby!

do i ever cross your mind

does your mind ever wander, to that

special place in time.

They say a hot relationship  burns out fast

ah but what memories while they last

a couple of years really not long

but a lifetime of memories to fall back on.

I dream of you from time to time

and the sweet memories of you,

while you were mine.

I know that i could have made it real

true love for you is what i could feel

i just could`nt connect the dots.

Too many wrongs ,too many rights

too many feelings for me to fight

you bought linen with my last name

and when we made love,it drove me insane.

So please forgive me,if you will,

but i just did`nt figure marriage as part of the deal.

But you will always have a special place in my mind

when i dream of that special place in time...

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Sherry Elise's picture

Wow...A harsh reality.