After it all





It was the night before Christmas

and all through the house

no one was home not even the mouse

But all a sudden appeared the

ghost of times past

come with me I heard her say

let me take you to a fonder day

As my eyes focused

I could see a wedding

it was me on my wedding day

You were so beautiful

a glow coming from your face

ahh then came the children 1,2 and 3

not much time for you and me

As the years went by

the glow slowly faded away

it seemed we argued most everyday

I guess we didn`t have much in common after all

And now it seems it`s time for the fall

the kids are grown and we`ve grown apart

it seems nothing comes from the heart

is it to late for a new start

Or could we find what we lost

and if we did what would it cost

could we ever start again

could we ever be friends

I guess only time will tell

but right now were both living in hell

is it to late for a new start

do we really want to part

can we find what we lost

and if we did what would it cost

And if we cross that bridge of

no return what would it cost

what would we learn...

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Crystal Hecklinger's picture

like always another masterpiece...

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

wow that is profound, how I felt when I first split with Steve. If you didn't write this I would swear I did. I know of course you did but my words would have been nearly the same. amazing.............